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Get the Building Plan Approval from Enjay Associates

We offer you the right building plan approval to better suit your Budget, Lifestyle and Design Preference. If you are building a House, or planning your next home improvement, we are ready to help you to get the building plan approval in chennai and make your dream project a success!

Most all of our work nowadays is home consulting projects, house design projects, and home drawing projects. Working a house design project with honest, committed, intelligent, thoughtful people is a joy with few equals. To-be-built assigned commissions keep growing in individual size; remodels are more selectively chosen for higher degrees of difficulty.

House design projects must be engaged with patience. Home plans are deceptively complex. We start with floor plans. They’re always the toughest. Plan views – looks straight down – are easy to grasp intellectually and in the mind’s eye. Planning of any sort challenges values, interests, perceptions, understandings, and ignorance. Home plans are not excepted from these challenges. Home space definition, allocation, distribution, shaping, interrelating become consummate moments sometimes seemingly without end when designing home floor plans.

After the floor plans are done, elevations, foundation, framing plans, wiring plans and the like are all derivative. Most of the matters resolved in floor planning relate directly to major aspects of the other plans. On each and every small and big ground of construction we justify that we are the Best Building Contractors in Chennai.

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